A day at Sage Chapel Cemetery

History. Its who we are. Everyone has history. It doesn’t matter if you are black or white, young or old, German or Irish, dead or alive. Its more than the story of a place or a time, because it’s the story of people. Their lives. And all lives matter. It can be found in a child’s face when he spins hemp into rope like his ancestors did. It can be seen in a man’s joy when he visits a blacksmith and relives the craftsmanship of the past. It can be felt when the stories of our ancestors are told so that we may hear their voices. Everyone has history. When we connect with that history, we know who we are. Where we come from tells us where we are going. If we rush too much in our daily lives, we must find time, to slow down and reconnect with our history. Its who we are.Please join us Sunday October 29th as we prod the earth and work to uncover more of the history of Sage Chapel Cemetery. There are many voices there that still need to be heard. The story is just beginning…. Please help us as we gather together, and prod the ground, in search of any gravestones that may have fallen or broken. This is one acre of ground, rich in the history of many of the black families in St. Charles County, not just this A.M.E. Church.

Join us at 1pm at the Cemetery in O’Fallon on Veterans Memorial Parkway next to the VFW across from Ethyls. If you have any type of sharp instrument that can be used to prod the ground as much as 6 inches, please bring it. We are working to have more cemetery prods available. We need at least 20 people to walk shoulder to shoulder so that we cover it thoroughly and do not miss any stones. We know that many of those buried here never had a headstone. Even if you do not feel able to prod please join us for a day to rejoice in the spirit and history of Sage Chapel Cemetery.




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