Stories of Sage Chapel

Here are the stories of the 37 people whose headstones share the story of Sage Chapel Cemetery because  we know they are buried there. They were written to explain that there is so much more than just the history of this very special place. Because these stories are of these people, bound together for eternity in they place where they lie. Together they create the stories of Sage. Not only a place begun by the slaves of Samuel Keithly, or the members of the African American churches in O’Fallon, but of all of those families who are buried there, the community. This has been to try to share a bit of the times in which they lived, their struggles, and triumphs, and their deaths. These are the real stories of Sage Chapel Cemetery.

They have been written by Dorris Keeven-Franke with the help of many people. Those that should also be acknowledged are Mary Stephenson, Justin Watkins, Amber Cox, Karolyn Terpstra, Mary Hogan Smith, Jim Frain, Phyllis Hayden, John Griesenauer, Rick Dotson, Booker Thomas, Lorrie Otey, Cheryl Hibbler, Joe Meier, Mayor Bill Hennesy and so many many more that have supported this project in so many ways.

Please give credit to these stories of the Sage Chapel Cemetery as so that everyone understands the wonderful community support that this beautiful place enjoys. That is another reason that makes Sage so special.

Note: If one searches the word “slave” one will learn the names of all of those buried here who were born prior to January 11, 1865. If one searches the word “child” they will find all of those under the age of 21 who are buried here as well. For the entire list of those buried here see “Burials

Video Lasting Honor by Joe Meier